Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the MiBolsillo application and website, with the aim of providing a transparent view of the practices related to the collection, use, storage and processing of data by MiBolsillo.

What data is recorded?

Mibolsillo collects the following types of user data:

Personal information

The data that allow the personal identification of the user. Personal data includes, but is not limited to, the full name, email, phone number and IPR provided by the user to MiBolsillo sent to our API in encrypted form.


Any financial data that the user details, in a specific and personal way, the transaction information, that the software can collect from their account (s) or manually enter their MiBolsillo Account, including, among others, monthly income, expenses, the nature and category of their expenses, debts and investments, among other data of the type that are relevant for the financial planning of the User.

Access data

  • Information collected from users when they use the site: includes, but is not limited to, the user's access browser; Internet Protocol (IP) address; date and time of access; the location of the user; and user actions on the site.
  • Information collected from users when they use the Application: includes, but is not limited to, the model of the mobile device and the operating system used for access; Internet Protocol (IP) address; date and time of access to the application version; User connection provider; User location; and user actions in the application.
  • Communication between the user and MiBolsillo: includes any communication between MiBolsillo and the user by email, and / or telephone.
  • Cookies: according to the provisions of article 5 of this Privacy Policy.

How we use collected data

MiBolsillo uses the data collected for the following purposes:

Operation MiBolsillo

All data collected is used to maintain and improve the operation of the application / site, for example, to (i) provide better performance to the user; (ii) develop new functions; (iii) keep generic statistics to monitor the use of MiBolsillo; (iv) verify the protection of MiBolsilo against errors, fraud or any other electronic crime; (v) offer products and services that conform to the user's profile. MyPouch can access your financial data to provide care when necessary, for example, to understand the cause of any problem in the bank account import software.

Telephone calls and sending emails and notifications by MiBolsillo.

MiBolsillo can call the user and / or send them emails or notifications of alerts and notices related to MyPocket to help them learn about all the features of MyPocket, such as alerts to carry out financial planning, including features, reminders to use the Site / Application, among others. If the user no longer wishes to receive emails from MyPocket, they must click the unsubscribe link in the footer of the emails we send.

financial analysis

MiBolsillo may process your financial data encrypted and automatically, using the software in order to generate non-individualized information, such as general financial statistics ("General Information"). For example, the Software can inform MyPocket that people who did not maintain their spending plan or exceeded their monthly income was 40% in a period or that housing expenses were equivalent to 30% of the budget of 50% of users .

Offering products / services of

MiBolsillo can process personal and financial data in an automated and encrypted manner, using the software to identify the specific needs of users and, on this basis, develop and / or deliver products and services that fit their profile, whether provided by MiBolsillo or by its allies. Likewise, the data collected may be processed in order to prevent fraud in the provision and contracting of services and products by users.

Under no circumstances will MiBolsillo share personal data and / or financial data with third parties without the prior and express consent of the user, as provided in this privacy policy.


As we have already explained, MiBolsillo will be able, in an automated and coded way, to group users into groups according to categories and criteria related to the users' profile ("Group").

The personal data and financial data of those who are part of each group will not be informed or transmitted to third parties without the prior and express consent of the user, in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy. Our advertising partners will only know that there is an anonymous group of, for example, 3,000 MyBag users who invest 20% of their income in savings.

Here are some questions you may have:

What kind of advertising can MiBolsillo do?

We may make announcements via phone, email, or on the Site / App itself. We want each user to receive advertisements that are of interest to them and can help them on their way to financial organization. Therefore, our partners can have the option to choose their target audience (their group). Some examples of criteria to determine the group are the type and form of spending, the ability to maintain a monthly budget, among others.

Our partners may eventually use cookies (among other similar technologies) to offer, parameterize and improve their marketing strategy. To better understand how this could happen, refer to point 5 of the policy.

Will MiBolsillo transmit the data collected to members?

NO, any advertising will be handled by MiBolsillo and not by the member. We can only provide information about users to partners if there is (i) the user's prior consent, in accordance with this Privacy Policy; or (ii) anonymize the data.

Will members be able to access my data under any circumstances?

MiBolsillo will never pass on your data to partners without your permission, but remember that if you click on an advertisement or in any accepted way to be directed to a third party's site / application, you will no longer be subject to the terms of use or the MiBolsillo privacy policy.


We consider the security of all data related to our users to be our priority. Although any protection system is subject to defects and possible violations that can lead to data leakage, we always try to prevent this from happening by adopting a high level of protection, certified by specialized security companies.

All identifiable data is stored in encrypted form. The information is protected with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology so that user data remains confidential. In addition, this technology aims to prevent unauthorized third parties from transmitting or accessing the information.

As long as the user maintains their MiBolsillo account, all the information collected will be stored on servers with high security standards.

Share data with third parties

The data collected from a user can be shared with:

User authorization

MiBolsillo can share and receive your data with your consent or under your express intention. Such information exchange can occur, for example, through a connection with a third-party platform.


The data collected may be shared with companies that are part of the same economic group as MiBolsillo, provided that such exchange is necessary in order to maintain and / or improve the provision of services offered to users. In this context, any company that has access to the data must adopt at least the same security levels used and guaranteed by MiBolsillo to its users.


To recommend to the user, in a personalized way, the products and services offered by the partners, MiBolsillo may share personal data with the Partner when such exchange is necessary for the offer or contracting of the product / service.

Remember that MiBolsillo only recommends these products and services, therefore, sending data to the partner in some cases is necessary so that they can (i) verify if the user is eligible for a service or product recommended by MiBolsillo such as, for example, a particular type of loan or credit card, and (ii) conclude the contract at the request of the user.

In the same way, MiBolsillo can receive from the partner information about whether the product / service was contracted or not by the user, as well as other data related to the performance of the association, such as cases of non-compliance and fraud.

Potential partners

To establish new alliances, MiBolsillo may share with potential partners certain information necessary for the realization of said association. The potential partner will only be able to receive the information after signing a confidentiality agreement that establishes that the shared data will be used solely and exclusively to establish the association and will be destroyed if it does not happen. Rest assured: any non-anonymous financial information cannot be shared without user authorization.

The companies that provide services to MiBolsillo

MiBolsillo may share the data collected with other service providers to the extent that such information is necessary to provide the service, which is carried out under the direction and on behalf of MiBolsillo. These outsourced service providers may have been contracted to, for example, provide customer service, help solve technical problems, perform information checks and fraud prevention, assess and manage risks, among others.

With third parties as permitted or required by law

MiBolsillo may share the data with third parties as permitted or required by law, for example, to comply with legal or regulatory regulations; for auditing purposes; to investigate violations or comply with a provision of a contract entered into with the user; for credit protection; to comply with a court order, among others.

MiBolsillo in no case will sell user information to third parties.


MiBolsillo uses cookies and similar technologies, such as pixel tags to guarantee that the services provided are in accordance with the best quality expected by the user.

The cookies collected by MiBolsillo only provide statistics and will not be used for purposes other than those expressly established in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file added to your device or computer to provide a personalized access experience to MiBolsillo.

How does MiBolsillo collect cookies?

MiBolsillo uses companies specializing in ads inside and outside of MyPocket, such as Google and Facebook. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you accept the collection of cookies by companies contracted by MiBolsillo for this purpose.

What types of cookies does MiBolsillo use?

MiPocket can collect two types of cookies: temporary and saved.

(i) A saved cookie is one that is inserted into your access terminal (for example, computer, cell phone, etc.) when you log into your MyBag account. This cookie is used to store information, such as name and password, so that the user does not have to log in each time they access MiBolsillo.

(ii) A temporary cookie is one that is used to identify a specific visit to the MyBags site. These cookies are deleted from the user's access terminal (for example, computer, cell phone, etc.) as soon as the user finishes using the browser and are used to store temporary information.

What are cookies used for?

MiBolsillo uses cookies for various purposes, including:

(i) remarketing marketing activities. This feature allows us to reach users or visitors of the site to remind them to register in My Pocket or to easily access the platform again; and

(ii) understand the behavior of use of the Site and the Application for a better development of the product.

Is it possible to limit the collection of cookies?

Browsers generally allow the collection of cookies to be disabled. Therefore, if you do not change the cookie collection patterns of your browser, we will consider that you accept the collection of cookies. Unfortunately, MyPocket may not work as expected if cookie collection is disabled.

Deleting data

The user may request the deletion of their data at any time by making a request to the email: informing the email address used in the application.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, or you have any request about your personal data, you can contact us by email at