The digital financial advisor your client needs

Increase acquisition and retention opportunities thanks to MiBolsillo's hyper personalized journey focused on financial health.

Happier clients with a solutions that adds clear value

Promote financial health with a validated methodology used by more than 200,000 users that combines data, behavioral science and financial education.

Digital financial advisor in the palm of your hand

The digital financial advisor that transforms data into actionable challenges at the right time.

Improves financial capacity

We offer a gamified experience for making the right decisions.

100% digital origination

Automate the process of pre-approval and qualification of your clients.

Reduce costs

Save up to 60% on your operating costs.

Increase your sales

Expand your financial services offer with re-enlistment and cross-selling.

Integrate your brand

MiBolsillo App is personalized with the visual image of your entity.

Personalized experience

Automated data consumption and aggregated user metrics.

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